Gold Lifestyle Bundle

Gold Lifestyle Bundle


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Food is the most powerful weapon. That's why these three superfood-powered supplements are three of our top sellers. For a limited time, you can bundle these items for significant savings--and an exceptional health boost. 

1. Gold Label Coconut Oil Softgels provide all the nourishment of rich, pure coconut oil in an easy-to-swallow softgel. Coconut oil aids in the absorption of other nutrients. It fuels glowing, youthful skin, vibrant hair, and steady energy levels throughout the day. And Keratin Oil's capsules include a generous 2,000mg of oil per capsule, compared to just 1,000mg provided by most other coconut oil supplement brands. 

2. Gold Label Turmeric with BioPerine couples the rich, undisputed health benefits of turmeric with our patented BioPerine formula. BioPerine combines compounds from black pepper and long pepper plants to increase the body's absorption of turmeric's nutrients and health-promoting properties. When your body absorbs turmeric as efficiently as possible, you get all the power-packed benefits of this superfood. 

3. Gold Label Liquid Vitamin B12 is a top seller because it's easy to take and easy for your body to absorb. Our liquid B12 includes health-promoting niacin as well as high-quality B12, a crucial nutrient for healthy, normal nervous systems and red blood cells. Vitamin B12 is also a crucial part of your digestive system's conversion of food to energy; without it, even the healthiest of diets won't fuel you as well as it could. 

Individually, these are each powerful products. Together, they work together as an even more effective tool to boost your energy levels and improve your health in ways you'll both see and feel. Take advantage of the opportunity to try them all at a great discount. For an even more powerful skin and hair boost, add Keratin Oils' biotin supplement to the mix, and you'll see even more dramatic improvements in the vitality of your skin and hair.